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In-office food services to fuel your team

Series of images showing food, packaged snacks and kitchen space in the officeSeries of images showing food, packaged snacks and kitchen space in the office

Centralized management for all food & kitchen services to safely serve your team

Curated variety from your city’s best food providers that bring your team together

Customized recurring programs inspired by your company’s habits and values

our offerings

Local businesses that meet all your office kitchen needs

Office Catering

Bring your team together safely over a shared meal


Energize employees with high quality snack programs


Hot, cold, and alcoholic drink services to keep everyone hydrated

Pantry stocked with snacks

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Skilled and experienced on-site attendants to lend an extra hand

Two adults eating lunch together

Kitchen equipment

Cutting-edge products to help take your kitchen space to the next level

Office cleaning staff organizing dishes

Thriver has always exceeded expectations for our dining and event services. With their flexibility and range of options, they’ve been the best addition to our culture.”

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Office Manager

Catered meal displayed buffet style

our platform

Discover, book, and manage, all in one place

Message directly with providers to customize based on your team's preferences

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Gather your team’s feedback before making a selection

Screenshot of Thriver platform highlighting a premium fruit and snack service

Make informed decisions based on reviews and ratings from other companies

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