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Total Monthly Spending snapshot of the SpendTracker in Thriver’s platform
Top Rated Class snapshot showing five stars for Mexican Cooking with AlbertWorkplace operations manager smiling at her computer when seeing the total monthly spending report in the SpendTracker provided by Thriver.


A powerful tool to easily control your company’s food and culture spending, and gain insight into what’s bringing your team value.

Make employees feel empowered that their voice is being heard.

Use insights to measure ROI on current programs and better shape future initiatives.

See the level of employee engagement and share key insights with the right people.

All in one platform

December Budget snapshot ready to be allocated to food programs, employee allowance and experiencesWorkplace Operations Manager smiling at his computer, working at the office with his team, overseeing the spending on office meals and other company activities.

All in one platform

For Operations

Save time and simplify cost management of all your culture initiatives. Get a clear picture of your spending on office meals and other activities company-wide. Set a budget and stick to it.

For Finance

Gain visibility into food & culture spending across your organization, and access all invoices in one place. Track your month-to-month spend and filter data based on city, user and program.

Male hands over laptop keyboard and screen showing the finance report into food and culture spendingSpending by Event Type snapshot of the SpendTracker by Thriver, showing spend across Special Events, Team Lunch, Executive Breakfast, Team Wellness, Office Snacks
HR Manager and People Operations VP reviewing the rating provided by the employees on different activities
Top Participants Rating snapshot from the SpendTracker by Thriver, showing employees pictures and ratings for food and culture programs

For Culture

Use the Reviews dashboard to keep a pulse on your team’s preferences and satisfaction. Get insight to make informed decisions on future food & culture programs.

Keep employee culture
strong, even out-of-office