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How Thriver helped a major software company boost team morale remotely with Virtual Experiences


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Women smiling during a Thriver virtual coffee tasting activity.

Company size: 3,000

Industry: Software

Location: Global

Our client is a leader in providing cloud-based web development services, making website-building easy and accessible for everyone. The software company has more than 3,000 employees and offices spread across the world — from North America, to Europe, South America, and Asia.

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The WFH conditions brought on a level of meeting fatigue and a feeling of disconnection.

Our client wanted to bring their team together, introduce new employees, and strengthen bonds among teammates in an engaging and exciting way. Ultimately, our client wanted to boost connection through experiences that would enliven their company’s culture in a meaningful way. 

When it came to the tools needed to fulfill their goals, our client wanted a streamlined and accessible platform through which they would be able to curate experiences that all their employees would enjoy. The ability to create a program, schedule activities, and appraise the quality of service providers were of utmost importance.  

Our client provided virtual team-building experiences to bring their employees together.

Thriver curated events, such as cooking classes, trivia nights, and yoga classes to foster togetherness and inclusivity. Our client was able to rekindle team spirit and make space for meaningful connections, while fostering creativity through fun activities that had teams learning collectively. 

employees participating in various Thriver experiences

Through an intuitive platform, the client was able to browse and confidently select virtual event providers who were trusted and certified to meet Thriver’s standards of excellence.

“Thriver’s virtual experiences helped us run a successful quarter of activities including cooking classes and workout sessions. Activities were easy to book and manage, which saved time and energy for my team. We got incredible feedback from employees.”
Smiling headshot of Thriver’s major software client’s Workplace Operations Manager.

Workplace Operations Manager

They also saved time through streamlined logistics and access to all their information - such as calendar, billing, employee feedback and the activities success metrics - all in the same platform.

healthy cooking classes and virtual yoga experiences on the Thriver platform with employee feedback
"With Thriver, we crafted an entire plan with curated activities for our global teams. The platform offered visibility into spend and employee feedback, which was highly valued by our management team."
Smiling headshot of Thriver’s major software client’s VP of People.

VP People

In the end, our client found that 87% of their employees would recommend Thriver to a friend or colleague and 90% described the activities as engaging, fun and insightful.


would recommend to a friend or colleague


rated insightful, engaging, interactive

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